podcast #9: the global prospects of English and Textperanto

The English language has been expanding its reach since…I’m no expert, but certainly long before those Mayflower men hit an American rock. Recently, English has made inroads in post-Soviet Russian.  In Estonia meanwhile, everyone’s so busy learning English that they have forgotten that they are right next to Mother Russia.  Then there’s Sol Steinmetz, a man of many tongues. Several decades ago, he was a boy of many tongues: he learned Hungarian, then Yiddish, then Spanish, then English. He still speaks all those other languages – and a couple more – but he feels most comfortable speaking English. 

There are, of course, global rivals to English – Chinese, Spanish, French – but Esperanto is most assuredly not such a rival. Now there’s a new Esperanto for the text messaging generation.  Someone in our newsroom said it should be called Textperanto. Alas, no: its name is NOL. That’s this week’s podcast. Listen to it here.



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6 responses to “podcast #9: the global prospects of English and Textperanto

  1. Where on earth did you receive your outdated information about Esperanto?

    Even Wikipedia didn’t get it this wrong!

    May I ask you to check facts in future? http://www.esperanto.net

  2. Ulo

    You should read more about Esperanto.

    See http://www.esperanto.net and http://www.2-2.se

  3. Is it possible for you to write something positive about Esperanto, a language that survived its creator? Imagine that he had internet at his disposal!
    English looks like an unstable operating system that requires updating just at the moment you don’t have time.
    It’s a pita (just an example of a word foreigners will have to look up).

  4. Where did you receive the information that Esperanto has no future?

    Crystal gazing?

    Without predujice can I suggest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU

  5. Forgive me! I think you under-rate Esperanto. I speak it and find it useful.

    I don’t suppose I can persuade you, but thank you for letting me air my voiew.

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