podcast #14: Chinese script, dialects and patriotic names

With the Olympics just a couple of weeks away, Chinese national pride is peaking. What better way to express that than name your one – and probably only – child Olympic Games? We get the lowdown on that, as well as on China’s many languages and dialects. Plus, there’s something else we can blame on computers: Chinese people are forgetting how write the script of their own language. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes.

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One response to “podcast #14: Chinese script, dialects and patriotic names

  1. xiaochun wang

    I am a student in cultural communication course at Northern Virginia Community College. My professor has introduced this podcast to us. I found it very fascinating to me after listening couple of podcasts.

    Here in this episode, you emphasize on Chinese language. The relationship between official language and variety dialects is very complex. Mandarine has been considered as official language for the nation. there is an obvious tendency that there will be more opportunity for minorities which speak dialects.

    This phenomena lead me thinking of early american immigration. It takes three generations to take place their original language. There was a story told by by an english immigrant symbolizes a process that must have taken place in most immigrant households. One day the immigrant’s son came home from school, where his class had been learning about the American Revolution. he explain to his English-born father what had happened in words similar to there: ” You had the king’s army, and we had only a bunch of farmers, but we beat you anyway. we can not stop this tendency that people start to learn and speak english. similarly, it’s understandable why kids refuse to speak their dialects which they think it is shame not to speak mandarine.

    However, this is main reason why there are so many languages are dying everyday. When the last person of certain language speaker dies, it’s culture die along. So we should encourage our offsprings learn and speak own dialects the same time when they are trying to master the stream one.

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