pod #48: The meaning of yoga

To most people in the west, yoga means…yoga. No translation necessarily. It is a naturalized foreign word, and as with many foreign terms,  we appropriate it, and quickly forget – if we ever knew in the first place – what it actually means. A new film, Enlighten Up! explores yoga’s many meanings and manifestations in the United States. And then it goes in search of some kind of original meaning in India. We have an interview with the director and on-screen reporter/victim.

Also in this week’s podcast naughty French schoolboy, Le Petit Nicolas, turns 50. That’s just three years younger than French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is sometimes called Petit Nicolas. (Sarkozy is not a tall man.)

Finally the second part of my interview with Wikipedian Andrew Lih, whose book The Wikipedia Revolution is just out.  He argues that American politicos write many more manipulative wiki-articles than their Chinese counterparts. And he reveals why there is,  shockingly, no Wikipedia in Montenegrin.

Listen in iTunes or here.


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