Is Social Class Still Relevant?

It’s been quiet on the language front recently. But the podcasts are coming back now that I’ve completed editing and part-reporting a series on social class around the world.

The entire series, with stories out of Egypt, India, China, the United States, Britain and Ukraine is here.

I reported two stories out of the UK. The first is on an exam that all 11-year-olds used to have to take (and is now making a modest comeback). The Eleven Plus exam determined which school you would go to next– a school that prepped you for college, or one that housed you until you were ready to go to work at fifteen or sixteen. There’s a post on it here. Or listen to the audio below:

I also reported on whether any nation can transform itself into a classless society. Britain, again, was an obvious choice for this report: traditionally, it has been horribly class-ridden. But in recent decades a succession of political leaders on both right and left has tried to banish class identity and difference. The full blog post is here. And the audio is below.

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