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Teach yourself Babylonian, and teach the Ashes to the Ashes

A couple of weeks ago, a listener to the podcast asked whether I’d ever featured the Isleños,  the Canary Island Spanish of Louisiana. The answer then was no —  but now it is yes.  It comes from the Big Show and reporter Bruce Wallace.

The piece explores the Isleños — fishermen descendents of  Canary Island immigrants — and their “lost songs”: songs dating back decades, and perhaps longer in some cases, sung in the décima form of 16th century Spain. Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill have played havoc with the Isleños’ lives:  many were evacuated in the wake of Katrina, and then their fishing waters were polluted by the spill.

There are more songs here, as well as a story told by an Isleño about exterminating bugs.

Next in the pod, an interview with Mr Ancient Babylonian, Martin Worthington. Worthington, of Cambridge University, has assembled an audio archive of Babylonian poems. He’s also written a Teach Yourself book on Babylonian.  Splendidly useless, Babylonian. Won’t get anyone into business school.

We also have a conversation with a Squamish Nation chief on the original name for Stanley Park in Vancouver. The Squamish are campaigning for the park to be re-named Xwayxway. Not going to happen any time soon.

Finally, the Ashes: a story of cricket, Twitter, and babysitting. This is how a 22-year nanny from Massachusetts nicknamed The Ashes came to attract a Twitter following of thousands of cricket fans — cricket’s fiercest rivalry, Australia vs. England is known as The Ashes. The woman, Ashley Kerekes, ended up being flown to Australia on an all-expenses-paid vacation. She went to matches, learned the rules of cricket and met the stars (and the Aussie prime minister).  You can read the highlights of her Twitter feed here.

Listen in iTunes or here.

Photos:  Los Isleños Festival, St Bernard Parish, Louisiana (Alysha Jordan/Flickr); Peter Graham (Stanley Park/Wikipedia).


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